About Us

Acquire | Reposition | Operate | Monetize

Our multi-family platform employs a straightforward investment strategy. We seek to acquire distressed and stressed assets in favorable locations at significant discounts to replacement costs, maximize value by addressing any property or operational issues through aggressive asset management and targeted value-add initiatives, and seek to capitalize on the investment opportunity once our objectives are accomplished.

Our Approach

Lurin Capital Seeks to Enhance the Value of its Investments Through a Combination of the Following Strategies:

•  Substantially Upgrading the Property through Interior and Exterior Renovations
•  Aggressively Repositioning the Tenant Profile
•  Upgrading the Property Management Team
•  Reducing Property Level Expenses by Creating Operational Efficiencies through On-Site, Hands on Management
•  Enhancing the Assets Desirability through a Focused Marketing Campaign and Rebranding Effort
•  Curing Deferred Maintenance Issues