LURIN’s mission is to provide project planning, project administration and interior general contracting services with focus on reducing risk while increasing accuracy and accountability


Our Construction Management team provides project planning and administration to each community by acting as the agent for large, multifaceted construction projects requiring experience and in-depth knowledge of construction methods to cure deficient existing conditions.

Our Capabilities

Properties Representative

We provide comprehensive agency construction management and project accounting services. Unlike Construction Management at Risk, Design Build, or General Contractor relationships, LURIN acts as the properties agent and is solely focused on the properties interests.


Planning and Budgeting

We provide strategic planning with management to identify each project’s vision and capital needs.  Our in-depth budget development process estimates replacement quantities and unit rate pricing to accurately budget each project.  By conducting the scope development and cost estimate in house, the bid process is expedited with a higher degree of confidence in the expectations and cost of the finished product.


Design Coordination

Our experience engaging and managing third party Design Professionals ensures all information compiled in the Planning stage reflects each stakeholders vision of the final product.  Directing the Design Team during the development of the conceptual and schematic design allows value engineering to be conducted earlier in the design phase reducing the time and cost to produce all necessary construction documents.


Construction Administration

We provide support for the execution of a project. Our team sources contractors and vendors, solicits and evaluates bids, and presents recommendations to stakeholders.  Once the bids are approved, LURIN will execute contracts on your behalf and provide budget and schedule tracking, reporting, communication and project team management. Upon completion of each project, project close out documents will be available which will include before and after photos, copies of contracts, change orders, final unconditional waivers, proof of payments, warranty documents, and all other project documents.


Our Construction Services team offers Interior Renovation services for high volume interior turns.  Our properties benefit from our relationships with suppliers and subcontractors to produce a cost effective and quality finished product.  We can provide move-in ready turn-key services or partial turn services.

Our Capabilities

Turn-Key Services

We perform all necessary repairs and upgrades while providing full-time on-site management of each trade to ensure each phase of the unit is completed before beginning the next task.  This approach reduces the amount of time to fully turn each unit. Upon completion we walk with our Operations team and contractors to punch the unit quickly and get it back into inventory for leasing.


Partial Turn Services

We will develop an internal process with our Operations team to clearly delineate roles and responsibilities for each phase of the unit before the project starts.  This approach allows the resident services staff to perform tasks such as HVAC and plumbing repairs that are normally subcontracted out by us and can potentially save 10-20% of the cost of turning a unit.


Project Management

Whichever strategy is employed to upgrade interiors, we provide full-time on-site Project Managers to direct the crews, ensure materials are always in stock, coordinate with Operations and provide weekly progress reports.